What can volunteers do to help ?


As a 90%+ volunteer-led organization, we place great value on the input and work of all our volunteers. We know that time is the most valuable asset anyone has and the hour just gone can never come back, no matter how much money you have. We are humbled by the huge amount of time volunteers have given and continue to give to this enterprise. Thank you!

We are very dependent on the networks of individuals to find host boards, corporate members and sponsors and we really appreciate it when people use their networks to help us grow.

What can you do for us on a voluntary basis?

Selection committee

take part in a selection committee ( anything from a few meetings a year to a day a month)


spread the word about our work and bring host boards and apprentice candidates to the table. Also help finding corporate members and sponsors within your network.

Events organising and support

help us when we run awareness events in various areas. An event is always more work than anyone anticipates and we can never have too many event supporters.


locally, regionally or globally. Help thinking of ways to raise funds to further the social mission of gaining more diversity at the top.

Finding franchisees

to start a new group. Help spreading the word about BA as a franchise and how to become a franchisee.

Ways you can think about which we haven’t yet discovered!