How to become a board apprentice

Introduction to becoming an Apprentice?

a letter from our Founder

How do I join the Board Apprentice programme?

Stage 1 Application

Contact the relevant franchisee within your country/area and let them know you are interested in becoming an apprentice. You will then be sent an application form. Once completed, your responses and your CV will be screened with a view to advancing your application to the interview stage (stage 2).

Please note that at times the individual Board Apprentice franchisees will have closed periods for processing candidates on to stage 2 but will always be open for applications up to stage 1. They will keep you informed.

Stage 2 Interview

A date and time will be arranged for an interview, which can be in person, via skype or other.

Once you have successfully completed stage 2, and after having filled in and signed a Placement Agreement, you will be included in a Board Apprentice placement pool. You will also then get free access to “Introduction to Governance” via

Stage 3 Placement Pool

Once included in the placement pool, you will be shown the opportunities on Host Boards in your area on an ongoing basis. It is up to you to let us know which opportunities you are interested in. We expect you to check, in advance, that you have no conflict of interest with the Host Board or the Company they represent or any of their connected businesses or service providers (such as lawyers, accountants etc). You will then be put forward for the boards you have expressed interest in alongside other interested candidates

The Host Boards will themselves chose which candidates to proceed with and may invite those for an interview before making final choice. They will generally let you know directly if they have chosen you as an apprentice.

Stage 4 Placement

Once a placement is agreed, an administration fee becomes payable from either yourself or your employer, depending on who is sponsoring the education. You should read the contract and supporting material carefully to ensure you behave in an appropriate manner and do not expose yourself to undue liabilities during your time as an apprentice.

The supporting material will specify what is expected of you as an apprentice during the year.

Make sure you use the year to the full and take advantage of all the opportunities connected with this education. Networking with board members and partaking in all activities to which you are invited is an important part of the process.

Stage 5 Finalised the year

Once you have completed the year as an apprentice you will receive a certificate.

Stage 6 Become a Board Member

This stage is mostly up to you. Board Apprentice will help as much as we can but we are not operating as a recruitment company. At times we pass on news of opportunities or board openings to all our apprentices. We conduct ongoing research with various universities to monitor the effectiveness of this scheme. A key measure of success should be that our apprentices secure NED roles after completing their education. Please do let us know when this is the case so we can include that in our data.