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Board Apprentice Global Ltd is a not-for profit company limited by guarantee. Our board consists of a diverse group of people including at least one apprentice

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    Charlotte Valeur
    Chair and Founder
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    Mehul Kotedia
    Board Member
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    Rajiv Jaitly
    Board Member
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    Nanette van Vliet
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Meet the Ambassadors

BA is proud and honoured to have the support of the following individuals

    Board Apprentice Alumni

    “ The programme can make a real difference to access to boardrooms for people like me – outliers who can help make businesses better, stronger and more successful – while expanding and enriching the non-executive directors talent pool available in the UK. ”
    Shefaly Yogendra - JP Morgan US Smaller Companies Investment Trust

    Board Apprentice Supporter

    “ She was accepted immediately by the board and her presence has not impinged on us at all. We are really enjoying her different perspective. ”
    Davina Walter - Chairman, JP Morgan US Smaller Companies Investment Trust

    Board Apprentice Supporter

    “ Boards with blind spots are boards with potential issues. As shareholders we expect to see these blind spots addressed and boards strengthened through diversity. ”
    Colin Melvin, Hermes EOS

    Board Apprentice Supporter

    “ “We need more diverse talent on boards. Everyone knows it, but until now, finding a way to achieve the goal has been an issue. Board Apprentice has given us a practical, effective and painless way to help and we’ve taken it, welcoming an apprentice to our board for a year.” ”
    Simon Miller - chairman of Dunedin

    Board Apprentice Alumni

    “ “I have learnt an enormous amount and it has demystified the inner workings of the board around things like how to identify risk and holding senior executives to account with great diplomacy.” ”
    Dan Jason - Tomorrow's People

Follow our Journey

Follow our journey from inception to where we are today.


  • The idea was hatched
  • Board Apprentice Set Up as a Not For Profit Organisation
    Board Apprentice set up as a not for profit organisation with the first apprentices placed on 4 boards in the UK, Jersey and Guernsey among others two FTSE250 companies
  • A Formal launch at Parliament
    A formal launch for Board Apprentice in the UK was held at Parliament on 2nd July 2015 which provided much momentum for Board Apprentice to broaden awareness of its own practical solution to the diversifying talent needs for the executive and non-executive pipeline. In addition, an apprentice and her accompanying Chair of the Board that she was on provided their personal insights from their experience participating in the scheme.

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  • Board Apprentice Launches in Cayman in Association with EY
    A formal launch for Board Apprentice in Cayman was held in association with EY in the BBC region with a vision of launching in Bermuda, Bahamas and BVI in the coming years.
  • Board Apprentice Continued to Gain Traction
    The position in the UK was further strengthened during September 2016 with Board Apprentice partnering with: i) London Higher to expand its reach into London universities and high education colleges; and ii) UK Government Investments (UKGI) and The 30% Club to deliver the ‘Future Boards Scheme’ specifically for senior board-ready women within UKGI and FTSE 350 member organisations of the 30% Club.

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  • Board Apprentice Mentioned in the Hampton Alexander Review
    The government, 30% Club and Board Apprentice has also announced the launch of a new “Future Boards Scheme”, giving senior women a unique opportunity to get board experience to progress their careers to the next level. The scheme is aimed at FTSE 350 companies, SMEs and other major organisations. Several major companies and well-known public sector bodies have already signed up to take part in the scheme, including Aviva, Hammerson and the Student Loans Company.

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  • Board Apprentice Mentioned in the Parker Review
    “Other Available Resources
    Boards and their advisers may find these other resources to be helpful when considering implementing the recommendations set out in this Report:
    Board Apprentices https://www.boardapprentice.com/ ”

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  • Formal launch of Board Apprentice Bermuda in association with EY in the BBC region
  • Board Apprentice launches in Denmark, Norway and Sweden
  • Board Apprentice Mentioned in UK Government Reply to Paper on Governance Reform
    Future Board Scheme run by us with the 30%club and UKGI is mentioned in this government report from 31st August ” As well as supporting and endorsing the work of these reviews, the Government is undertaking a broad range of activity to help achieve greater gender diversity at senior levels. For example, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, in conjunction with UK Government Investments, is actively supporting the Future Boards Scheme, which is a business-led initiative to help talented, senior women get board-level development opportunities and gain the experience they need to apply successfully for board positions. ”

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Host Boards

The Board Apprentice concept only works because a number of progressive boards are willing to reserve a seat at the table for education of tomorrow’s board members. Here is a selection of the kind of host boards involved with us:

Kennedy Wilson Europe Real Estate Plc

The Mercantile Investment Trust Plc

Aberdeen Private Equity Fund Limited

Westminster University, Higher Education

Baby Hub, SME

JPMorgan Claverhouse Plc

Intellectual Property Office UK

UK Government Investments


Fidelity Asian Values Plc

Jersey Legal Information Board

Tomorrow’s People, Charity

Kennedy Wilson Europe Real Estate Plc

We consider that together the Directors have a balance of skills, qualifications and experience which are relevant to the Company and the Group as a whole. The Board and this Committee support the recommendations of the Davies Report and believe in the value and importance of diversity in the boardroom. However, we do not consider that it is appropriate or in the interest of the Company and its shareholders to set prescriptive diversity targets for the Board. The proportion of female Directors on the Board is currently 40%.

The Board is committed to improving the opportunities for people from a diverse range of backgrounds to understand and prepare for membership of corporate boards. During the period under review, we took on board an apprentice from Board Apprentice Ltd, which is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to increasing diversity on boards by widening the pool of board-ready candidates and looks at diversity as beyond gender and encompassing ethnicity, culture, age, disability, personality and skill set. For a period of one year, we have appointed Charlmaine Vella as a Board apprentice and, in that capacity, Charlmaine attends all Board and Committee meetings for educational purposes and takes part in discussions only when invited to do so by the Board. She receives no remuneration or expenses from the Company. 

Annual report extract JPMorgan Claverhouse Plc

Board Apprentice

Last year the founder of a not-for-profit company, Board Apprentice, approached me to ask whether Claverhouse would consider appointing an apprentice to shadow the Board in order to gain experience of the workings of a company at Board level. We considered this approach and discussed it with JPMAM and were in favour of the initiative. Accordingly we asked Board Apprentice to let us have CVs of candidates who were interested in a board apprenticeship at an investment trust.

The Board reviewed a number of CVs and asked the Chairman-elect to meet with a number of candidates. On his recommendation, the Board have invited Sharon Mavin to join with us as our board apprentice for 12 months from the date of the AGM in April. Sharon is an academic and is a Professor of Organisation and Human Resource Management from the Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University. She has been involved in issues relating to diversity, senior women at work, and is leading research in support of the Davies Report (2011) on Women on the Board in the UK. The appointment is strictly for a 12 month period to give Sharon further experience and it is not intended or expected to lead to a directorship of your Company. As apprentice Sharon will not be a Director of the Company. However, she will have access to all of the papers that are seen by Directors (save in the unlikely event of such secrecy or conflict of interest such that papers will be withheld) and it is intended that she will attend all Board meetings as an observer. She will not be paid, although the Company will reimburse travel costs and incidental expenses.

Your Board hopes that shareholders will find favour with this initiative and I look forward to introducing Sharon at the AGM. 

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