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Developing tomorrow's board members today

Board Apprentice is a not for profit social franchise dedicated to increasing diversity on boards globally.

Our Mission

Placing appropriate individuals as board apprentices on boards for 1 year to gain firsthand experience, through observation, of the workings and dynamics on boards. This in turn will grow and widen the pool of board-ready individuals.

Our Values

Equality / Diversity

Actively advocating equality and diversity is what we do. Opportunities, also at the top, should be available to all and not be influenced by a persons age, disability, race, religion, sexual preferences etc


Demonstrating sound moral and ethical principles in everything we do is the hallmark of our work. At Board Apprentice we live our values and our work is carried out with integrity and truthfulness.


Board Apprentice aims to achieve altruistic goals with no economic gain. Our work and the concept is based on a multi stakeholder partnership. We are 90% volunteers who offer up invaluable time, resources and personal networks to make it happen.

How can I get involved with Board Apprentice

Board Apprentice looks for partners aligned with our values, who have shown a commitment to understanding our concept and who have identified demand for the concept.

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The Board Apprentice concept only works because a number of progressive boards are willing to reserve a seat at the table for education of tomorrows board members.

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We look for people who are in all ways board-ready, practically and in spirit. We are all about practical implementation of the theory that we expect the candidates to have already.

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Board Apprentice is the leading organization for practical development of tomorrow’s board members. We are a not for profit organization that mainly operates on the basis of volunteers and exchange of services.

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The Board Apprentice winning concept

  • It is entirely non-political
  • It widens the pool of board-ready individuals
  • It helps boards solve the problem of a shortage of board-ready diverse Individuals for succession planning
  • It helps achieve governmental goals of board diversity
  • It is used to mentor rising stars and prepare tomorrows Board members
  • The Board Apprentice concept can be seen as a “Positive action” to help equality at the top
  • It is used for talent retention and attraction
  • It is used to develop local and indigenous board members
  • It positively influences the culture of boards to become more diverse and inclusive
  • It has a positive influence on unconscious and conscious biases


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Appropriate candidates for Board Apprentice are being identified with input from a range of people such as our Industry Champions, boards, HR departments and CEOs of companies.

We have developed a selection procedure that aims to ensure that individuals put forward as potential Board Apprentices have the necessary insight into corporate governance, finance and strategy to be able to become a board member after finalizing the apprentice education.

The Board Apprentice candidate will commit to the time that would be necessary if they were actually required to fulfill the duties of an appointed board member effectively. They will receive and read board packs, attend board and committee meetings and share their views with the board when invited to do so. They would attend General Meetings and also participate in board activities that take place outside of meetings.

Board Apprentices will sign a letter of appointment (which will include confidentiality and competition clauses) with the Board for a term of one year. The position will be unpaid and the Apprentice will fund his/her own expenses in connection with the education in addition to paying an administration fee on placement. They will not be appointed as a Director of the Company.

The Board Apprentices will be offered access to recognised online Governance training during their apprenticeship.

The Board Apprentice concept is one that can help the right people move forwards by obtaining board level experience.

  • Enhance/cement reputation and brand profile
  • Facilitate succession planning
  • Improve talent retention and attraction
  • Can add participation in the scheme to Diversity and CSR statement
  • Fulfill part of CSR requirement
  • Strengthen a corporate culture of diversity and inclusion
  • Increase alignment of the company’s strategy and culture with shareholders and other stakeholders


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  • Achieve board insight through hands-on education
  • It widens the pool of board-ready individuals
  • Have the opportunity to build their network within NED community
  • Offline discussions with Chair and NEDs
  • Gain confidence as a board member
  • Develop clear insight into what it takes to be a board member and their own suitability for the role
  • Receive free corporate governance best practice training online


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  • Reduces blind spots and, therefore, risks
  • Improves innovation, competitive strength, strategic planning
  • Aligns company strategy and culture with shareholders, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders
  • Grows businesses
  • Can improve bottom line
  • Reflects the real world
  • Healthy debate leads to better informed decisions/li>
  • Great ideas come from disruption of the status quo
  • Diversified backgrounds can make companies more adaptable to change


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  • Help solve the diversity challenge
  • Increase the pool of board-ready candidates for succession planning
  • Help build the pipeline
of new board members
  • Create a culture of inclusion
  • Strengthen the corporate culture of leadership
  • Be seen to be setting an example at the top which can have have trickle down effect within organisations
  • Fulfill part of CSR requirement
  • Can add being a host board to diversity and CSR statement
  • Align the company with shareholders and other stakeholders
  • Facilitate succession planning
  • Improve/cement reputation as an employer committed to access to opportunity


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The Board Apprentices will be offered access to recognised online Governance training during their apprenticeship.

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