Become a Sponsor

Why should I become a sponsor ?

Board Apprentice is the leading organization for the practical development of tomorrow’s board members. We are a not for profit organization that mainly operates on the basis of volunteers and exchange of services. We hold events all over the world on the theme of diversity and these are kindly sponsored by a variety of corporations, academic institutions and governments.

We also conduct research into the impact of the Board Apprentice programme in coordination with various universities and business schools.

We offer a variety of sponsorship packages which cover anything from single events, to funding an employee, or supplying pro bono services or funding academic research.

What are the benefits of sponsorship ?

Use of Board Apprentice logo with tag “sponsor”
Invitations to events locally/regionally/globally with opportunities for exposure as a sponsor
Adding logo/company name to marketing material locally/regionally/globally
Adding logo/company name to global website as sponsors
Mentioning in press cover locally/regionally/globally

What sponsorship packages are available

Local Sponsor : Sponsor a local Board Apprentice group – £5,000 (or equivalent in local currency)
Regional sponsor : Sponsor Board Apprentice in a region or country – £15,000
Global sponsor : Sponsor Board Apprentice globally – £45,000
Academic / Research sponsor : Sponsor specific research conducted on the work we do.
Government sponsors : Government sponsorship to set up in specific countries. The sponsorship will go to the setup of Board Apprentice in their country in whichever way is appropriate locally.

We are also open to tailor-made sponsorship packages to suit the individual needs of a company or country.