FAQs about the program

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some questions and answers we think that might be helpful for you if you are new to Board Apprentice. Please read through them carefully.

Applicants’ CVs are first screened for suitability by our selection committee and then interviewed by that committee before going onto the database of suitable apprentice candidates. Boards can elect to adopt whomsoever BA assigns to them as an apprentice or can choose from a short list of three. The selection and any short list will reflect input from the Board.
The final selection is made by the Boards themselves. It is important that Boards understand that they are offering the apprentice a learning opportunity and not ‘trialling’ a future NED for their own board.
The definition of Shadow Director:
In the UK Companies Acts “shadow director”, in relation to a company, means a person in accordance with whose directions or instructions the directors of the company are accustomed to act.

The Apprentice will be in attendance for educational purposes and will only take part in discussions when invited by the Board to do so. If the Board has an Apprentice who contributes such relevant input that the Board acts on his/her instructions then the Board should perhaps consider appointing the Apprentice as a full Board member.

Being a Board Apprentice is an education. The role of the Apprentice is to observe and learn from the Board and the work they do.
The apprentices should not participate in the board’s work at all. They are there for educational purposes only.
Each Apprentice will have a mentor from Board Apprentice Ltd available to them. Some Boards have also made one of the Board Members responsible for the mentoring and inclusion of the Apprentice.
The Board Apprentice will have an appointment letter with the Board which is a rider to the appointment letter the Board Members have in place.

The Board will have an agreement with Board Apprentice Ltd outlining the services.
The Apprentice will have an agreement with Board Apprentice Ltd covering expectations of the Apprenticeship.

An Apprentice placement will be for 1 year.
The Apprentices will cover their own travel and expenses.
That will all be outlined and covered in our agreement with the Apprentice. We will, as part of the selection procedure, ensure that only individuals fully committed and able to commit to the necessary time will be put forward as an Apprentice. If the Apprentice is in full time employment we will also require a letter from their Employer supporting the time commitment.
It should not affect the D&O insurance but the Board could seek confirmation from their insurance provider to that effect.
Yes, the Apprentice will become an insider just as do service providers and other people in attendance.
Most Employers welcome the initiative as an opportunity for them to nurture their talent by offering them the opportunity to become a Board Apprentice. Some companies have external directorships as part of their leadership development and being a Board Apprentice could be an alternative to taking on a full board position. Other companies see it as a way to prepare talented individuals for their own board.