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Board Apprentice

is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to increasing diversity on boards by widening the pool of board-ready candidates. Diversity goes beyond gender and encompasses ethnicity, culture, age, disability, personality and skill set.

BABoard Apprentice is founded and run by individuals who are themselves appointed to various boards and who have substantive board experience within listed and unlisted companies. As board members, we felt that it is appropriate for us to take our part of educating and training the future board members.

As today’s leaders and the leaders of the companies on whose boards we serve, we felt that we should be leading the way in helping to solve the diversity issues at hand. There is a growing body of research that suggests that increased diversification on boards leads to better bottom lines for companies.


We realise that most board members are aware of this, but many are stuck in the old tried and tested ways of structuring a board composition such that it achieves harmony through similarity and complementary types but not necessarily providing diversification.

By choosing to offer Apprenticeships specifically to individuals who will in a broader way diversify the current overall mix of board members we feel that, not only do we add to the development of greater diversity, we also add to the bottom line of companies and, in turn, to the overall competitiveness and balance of our economies.

There is a big difference between diversity and inclusiveness. Diversity is about counting the numbers; inclusiveness is about making the numbers count. Whether it’s about individuals or companies or countries, the conversation has to shift from talking about whether diversity affects performance to talking about the conditions under which you’d expect diversity to have a positive effect on performance.” Mr. Boris Groysberg, Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School