Technology megatrends, the importance of succession planning and crisis management were just some of the hot topics being discussed by the island’s non-executive directors (NEDs) at a forum last week.


Over 70 of the islands’ senior business figures attended the morning organised by BL Events, which attracted speakers from the local non-executive community as well as two leading financial services experts from Deloitte UK.

“NEDs working in the financial services sector today face even greater challenges than they ever have done before,” states Helen Gale, Partner at Deloitte.

“The session highlighted just how many issues the NED has to face on a day-to-day basis and the pressure on NED’s to constantly assimilate new market insight needed to perform the role. Our speakers gave some fascinating presentations and insights from what they experience at the sharp end of being on a board.”

The programme opened by asking what should be on the NED agenda for 2016. James Beasley, a financial services governance specialist from Deloitte, and Charlotte Valeur, an independent NED and founder of Board Apprentice, started by sharing their insights into the role of the board in strategy setting and advised that the board needs to ‘live the strategy’ on an ongoing basis.

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